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Running Days: 77

VIP Members: 173
Total deposited: $ 1032570.39  Total withdraw: $ 519337.58  DDOS Protection: Enable  Members online: 114  Last update: Jun 22, 2017 Withdrawal: Fast  

Investment Plans

  • 2% Daily For 100 days
    Minimum investment:$1
    Maximum investment:$25,000
    Total return: 300%
    Principal: Return
    Withdrawal: Fast
    3% For 60 Days
    Minimum investment:$500
    Maximum investment:$20,000
    Total return: 280%
    Principal: Return
    Withdrawal: Fast
    4% Daily For 30 Days
    Minimum investment:$1000
    Maximum investment:$25,000
    Total return: 220%
    Principal: Return
    Withdrawal: Fast
  • 150% after 10 days
    Minimum investment:$1
    Maximum investment:$25,000
    Total return: 150%
    Principal: Included
    Withdrawal: Fast
    550% after 20 days
    Minimum investment:$500
    Maximum investment:$25,000
    Total return: 550%
    Principal: Included
    Withdrawal: Fast
    10% Hourly For 11 Hours
    Minimum investment:$100
    Maximum investment:$25,000
    Total return: 110%
    Principal: Included
    Withdrawal: Fast


Since its formation, 1 COIN LIMITED Group has shown fully successful and consistent achievement in Bitcoin and Forex trading history. At present, it is observed as one of the best, most profitable, brilliantly strong and wealthy company in the industry of Forex trading and Bitcoin. Our company 1 Coin LIMITED has well earned extensive number of five star reviews and positive feedback from investors from all over the world, and our reputation and popularity is increasing with every passing day.

1 Coin LIMITED Group provides to its users the best possible control and management system as well as a risk control management system that works to ensure that their funds are save and they are being handled efficiently by control management system, so that our clients area able to appreciate every moment of their investing experience.

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52 Days online - New plan 2000% after 25 days
Today 52 days of our successful work online.
We're could to create the safe conditions at the which each investor of our program has an opportunity to invest money in our program safely and profitable.
And we see how progressing the confidence of investors .
Today the total quantity of invested funds makes: $ 1026417.80
And as you can see, our activities makes the high stable profit.
Already today by our investors have earned and obtained: $ 519129.65
And, of course, grows also the popularity of our program.


May-31-2017 12:02:32 AM

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